Types and advantages of single-head heating tube products

- Jun 17, 2019-

First, the common type of single-head heating tube products

(1) Single-head electric heating pipes can be specifically divided into:

1. Miniature single-head heating tube: diameter Φ2.2~Φ5.9mm.

2. Standard single-head heating tube: diameter Φ6~Φ25mm.

3. Large single-head heating tube: diameter Φ25~Φ100mm.

4, two semi-circular single-head heating tube: two semi-circular single-head heating tube is an improved product of ordinary single-end mold electric heating element, which is formed by folding a semi-circular electric heating element, and applying its folding to its own The force and the die hole are closely matched, and have the advantages of high power density, long service life, high heat efficiency, etc., and are the replacement products of the single-end heating element of the mold, especially for the mold which requires high temperature and fast heating speed.

5. Flat single-head heating tube: This product is most effective as a heating element in a mold under special conditions, and is used in some tapped mold holes. And other equipment vendors.

6. Hollow single-head heating tube: use the hollow tube of the single-head tube to quickly heat the air.

7. Conical single-head heating tube and square single-head heating tube These two products are most effective as heating elements in molds under special conditions, and are used in some tapped mold holes.