Unique effect of electric heating tube

- Jul 31, 2019-

The electric heating tube is an electrical component that specifically converts electrical energy into thermal energy. Because of its low price, convenient use, and no pollution, it is widely used in various heating occasions. So what are the unique characteristics of electric heating equipment compared to other energy heating? Next, analyze the unique characteristics of electric heating tube electric heating equipment.

The electric heating tube electric heating device has the following advantages in comparison with heating of other forms of energy.

(1) Electric heating, sanitary, smokeless ash, oil pollution and environmental pollution.

(2) High thermal efficiency. Compared with other energy sources, the thermal efficiency of coal is about 12%-20%, the thermal efficiency of liquid fuel is about 20%-40%, the thermal efficiency of gaseous fuel is about 50%-60", and the steam thermal efficiency is about 45%-60%. The electrical energy thermal efficiency is about 50%-95%.

(3) The electrothermal method is likely to concentrate a large amount of heat energy in a very small range, and thus can be heated at a high speed and reach a predetermined temperature.

(4) The electric heating power can be easily adjusted, so that it is easy to adjust the temperature and it is easy to achieve automatic control.

(5) The thermal inertia is small, the temperature control precision is high, and the heating effect is good.

(6) The ambient atmosphere condition is not required, and unlike the combustion of the fuel, oxygen is required, so that the object to be heated is not easily oxidized.

(7) Electrothermal products and electric heating equipment are easy to make compact and easy to maintain, which can greatly improve the working conditions of operators.

(8) One-time investment is large, and maintenance costs are small.

(9) The heated articles can be easily mechanized and automated in the heating zone, and extremely favorable conditions are created for the electric heating to be used in the assembly line and the automatic line.