Use of double-head electric heating tube

- Aug 20, 2019-

According to the use environment can be divided into:

Use in air: 1. Closed air heating; 2. Circulating air heating; 3. Special gas heating.

Use in liquid: 1. Heating in water; 2. Heating in oil; 3. Heating in acid-base liquid (heating zone should be immersed in the heating zone). The watt density and material used are different and should not be confused. The use environment should not produce skin, thin, dust, oil, water and other phenomena.

Use of acid and alkali, gas:

Generally used for copper in neutral environment, SUS304#316 tube, Incoloy nickel alloy tube for weak acid and weak alkali environment, Ti titanium alloy tube for medium acid and alkali environment, strong acid and alkali environment, quartz and Teflon Teflon tube Incoloy nickel alloy tube, SUS316# tube for 900 °C environment, SUS304# tube for 700 °C environment, Ti titanium alloy tube for 650 °C environment, Cu copper tube for 300 °C environment, Teflon Teflon tube for 110 °C environment or less. Due to the wide variety of heated gases, liquids and a wide range of applications, please consult a professional who is familiar with chemical characteristics before use.

Sealing materials used:

(1) The high temperature electric heating tube is sealed with silicone oil and can withstand a high temperature of 700 ° C. The disadvantage is that liquid and moisture infiltration cannot be completely prevented.

(2) Silicone sealing when using electric heating pipes at medium and low temperatures can prevent liquid from penetrating into the pipe from the terminal. The disadvantage is that it can only withstand the working temperature of 220 ° C and the instantaneous temperature of 250 ° C.

(3) Epoxy sealing when using electric heating tube at low temperature can prevent moisture and liquid from infiltrating. The disadvantage is that it can only withstand working temperature of 150 ° C and instantaneous temperature of 185 ° C.

Due to process factors:

Due to process factors, the double-headed electric heating tube has 5cm non-heating zones at both ends. If it is necessary to lengthen the non-heating zone, it can be informed before the ordering. If the watt density is high, the finned heat sink can be added to increase the heat dissipation effect.

Pipe wiring method:

The double-head electric heating tube wiring method has a Y-△ type wiring which is a three-phase voltage, and the series and parallel wiring are single-phase voltages. When wiring, please select a suitable heat-resistant wire according to the temperature of the wiring area, and the terminal needs to be locked. In order to avoid short circuit, the machine will leak and burn the electric heating tube.