What Are The Characteristics Of Electric Heating Rods?

- Jul 29, 2019-

The explosion-proof electric heating rod of the container (hereinafter referred to as the electric heating rod | electric heating rod) is designed and manufactured for the electric heating and heat preservation of the container such as the storage tank. For a long time, the heat tracing of the medium in the storage tank is mainly a pan-type heater using steam or hot water as a heat medium. The pan-type heater has problems such as high accident rate, difficulty in maintenance and repair, and high energy consumption. For example, the oil well single well tank is limited by the heat source, and the heat insulation problem has been plaguing the users. The electric heating rod is developed for these problems.

Over the years, the use of various oilfield production plants, oil pumping stations, oil refineries, oil depots, offshore oil platforms, pharmaceutical plants and other places in the country have verified the advanced technical performance of this product.


1. The electric heating rod is made of mineral insulated heating cable/MI heating cable (or high performance alloy electric heating tube) developed by our company as heating element.

2. The electric heating rod has a solid structure, high bending strength, compactness, sealing and explosion-proof, and meets the requirements for heating and heat preservation of various types of storage tanks for storing petroleum and its products. Explosion-proof grade EXd II B T1-T6.

3. The electric heating rod has uniform heating, low surface heat load, reliable operation and long service life. No reactive power loss, high thermal efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, no maintenance required daily.

4. The electric heating rod has good corrosion resistance to the source oil and its product medium.

5. The shape and geometry of the electric heating rod can be produced according to user requirements.