What are the main factors affecting the price of heating pipes?

- Jun 01, 2019-


The price of a single-head heating tube has always been the most direct, critical and most important factor for a transaction. About the price of a single-head heating tube.


Some notes

1. The heating pipes are all non-standard customized products. If the general size is not provided, the quotation cannot be given.

2. In order to provide you with the price of electric heating pipe quickly, please prepare the drawings or physical pictures of the required products before inquiry.

3. If you can't provide it, you can refer to our product center, choose the electric heating tube product that suits you, or contact us directly to help you design.

4. Since the electric heating tube is a non-standard part, the order quantity directly affects the price of the electric heating tube, so please provide the quantity of the first purchase.


Factors affecting the price of the heating pipe

(1) Internal material: magnesium oxide powder, electric resistance wire

(2) External material: shell material, whether special treatment is required

(3) complexity of production process

(4) Scrap rate

(5) Purchase quantity

(6) Design parameters (The influence of design parameters on the price of heating pipe can be referred to: the influence of design parameters of electric heating pipe on the price of electric heating pipe)

(7) Sales clerk factors

(8) Other special factors

Therefore, if you want to know the price of electric heating pipes, we must make a comprehensive communication. After the communication is completed, we can get the price that is sincere and suitable.