What are the requirements and instructions on the finned tube heat exchanger?

- Aug 07, 2019-

1. What are the specific requirements for the finned tube heat exchanger for its part and the whole?

In the fin-and-tube heat exchanger, the specific requirements for its part and overall are:

(1) The contact between the fin and the tube should be firm and reliable. Moreover, if a mechanical tube is used, then the inner wall should be free of scratches and the like.

(2) For fin spacing, or fin spacing, it should be uniform and reasonable.

(3) If there is a ferrous metal part in the heat exchanger, the surface should be rust-proofed.

2. 16 kg of saturated steam with a temperature of 201 degrees. If you want to use it to heat the air, can you use a finned tube heat exchanger?

This problem, both theoretically and practically, is ok. In the specific operation, water vapor is taken in the tube, and aluminum fins are used outside the tube to enhance heat transfer. However, it should be noted that the temperature difference should be above 30 degrees, so that there will be a good heat transfer effect.

3. Does the finned tube heat exchanger have the same requirements in its actual use and test?

The heat exchanger of finned tube heat exchanger has the same requirements in practical use and test, so the answer to this question is affirmative. Specifically, it is required to use the same refrigerant and then the heat medium to avoid damage to the heat exchanger or danger.