What are the requirements for stainless steel tubes for heating pipes?

- Apr 25, 2019-

The requirements for the heating tube for the stainless steel tube are determined for different uses and their own characteristics, so it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the following heating wire:

The structure of nickel-chromium electric heating wire is stable, the electrical and physical properties are stable, the high temperature mechanical property is good, the welding performance is good, the high temperature strength is higher than that of iron chrome aluminum, the deformation is not easy under high temperature, the structure is not easy to change, the plasticity is good, the repair is easy, and the radiation is High rate, non-magnetic, strong corrosion resistance, long-term use will not produce brittle fracture, long service life. However, due to the use of the scarce nickel metal material, the price of this series of products is up to several times higher than that of iron-chromium-aluminum, and the use temperature is lower than that of iron-chromium-aluminum.


The iron-chromium-aluminum electric heating wire has a high use temperature, a maximum use temperature of up to 1400 degrees, a long service life, a high surface load, a good oxidation resistance and a high electrical resistivity. Since the electrothermal alloy does not contain precious metal nickel, the price is low. However, this kind of heating wire belongs to ferrite structure, and the grain size starts to increase above 800 °C, and it is sharply roughened after 1100 °C to make the alloy embrittled, its high temperature strength is low, and its plasticity increases with the use temperature. The component is easily deformed, is not easy to be bent and repaired, and is easily brittle after long-term use, and the welding performance is poor.