What is the difference between an infrared heating tube and a far infrared heating tube?

- May 03, 2019-

1. The wavelength is controlled at about 0.76 ~ 25μm infrared radiation, the user can select the heating tube of different wavelength according to the material and physical characteristics of the workpiece to be heated, or select the heating tube of different wavelength to form the optimal combination scheme.


2. The thermal efficiency of the heating tube is very high, and the infrared radiation efficiency can reach 86% or more in a certain wavelength and direction.


3. The infrared radiant heating tube has a very small thermal inertia. It can reach about 50% of the rated power after 1 to 2 seconds after power-on. After about 2 to 4 seconds, it can run at full power, and the temperature rise and temperature drop are fast and accurate.


4. The heating tube itself has a small volume, and the power is very large. The rated power of a single heating tube can be more than 6000w, and it can be easily made into a high-infrared heating device such as a plate heater, a hot air heater, an oven, and a drying tunnel. .


5. According to the customer's needs, a certain part of the outer wall of the heating pipe can be sprayed with a directional reflection layer containing precious metals or inorganic substances such as gold and titanium, which can greatly improve the heating efficiency and reduce the temperature of the reflecting plate or the heat insulating plate.


6. The cost of the heating pipe is low and the service life is long. The continuous service life of the heating pipe below 3000w under the rated condition exceeds 5000 hours, and the service life of the heating pipe above 3000w exceeds 3000 hours, so the running cost can be greatly reduced. Supply heating tube, red glass heating tube, ruby quartz heating tube.


6. Various heating devices composed of infrared radiation heating tubes can realize automatic temperature control through temperature controller, thyristor AC power regulator or voltage regulator.