What is the effect of the powder in the heating tube?

- May 19, 2019-

Why is it necessary to place magnesium oxide powder in the internal structure of the electric heating tube, which has the following effects?

(1) The effect of insulation and heat conduction, since the heating wire and the metal sheathed tube are both electrical conductors, the magnesium oxide powder blocks the electric heating wire to touch the tube body to ensure that the appearance is not charged;

(2) having a high heat resistance and an expansion coefficient near the heating wire, and the constraining electric heating wire does not shift in the heating tube processing process;

(3) It can maintain the heating wire without the pressure and impact of the external machinery;

(4) Magnesium oxide powder has a characteristic of extreme temperature change, and does not cause thermal explosion and contraction due to sudden temperature change.

Magnesium oxide powder is also chemically lazy, and it does not chemically react with the heating wire. The low price of the data reduces the production and use of the heating pipe.