What is the manufacturing process and product characteristics of the quartz heating coil?

- Apr 20, 2019-

The most widely used electric heaters are ceramic heating coils, stainless steel heating coils and cast aluminum heating coils. There are many varieties of electric heaters. In addition to these common ones, there are some less common types such as cast copper heating coils, quartz heating coils, and silicon carbide heating coils.

1. The production process of quartz heating ring

The production of quartz heating coils is slightly more complicated than the general heating coils, and there are some important steps. The most important thing about the quartz heating coil is the quartz tube. The heating wire is inserted into the quartz tube, and the heating effect can be better exerted by the radiation function of the quartz tube itself.

2. Features of quartz heating ring

(1.) Quartz heating coils Because quartz tubes are used in the production, quartz heating coils are also classified as radiant electric heaters. It can perform a certain radiation effect, and it can do more with less.

(2.) The quartz heating coil has good energy-saving effect. Since the quartz heating coil belongs to the radiation type electric heater, it can convert the light. With the electric heating, it can save 33% of the electric energy according to the experience of our company for many years. .

(3) The quartz heating ring has excellent anti-corrosion effect and strong adaptability in a humid environment, which is basically unaffected by any influence, thus saving a lot of money for the enterprise.

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