What lifespan does a normal electric heating tube has?

- Jun 19, 2019-

In addition to the quality of the electric resistance wire, the life of the electric heating tube is related to the quality of the magnesium oxide powder and the selection of the diameter of the electric resistance wire. For high-temperature electric heating tubes, when selecting the diameter of the resistance wire, the surface load of the resistance wire needs to be calculated to meet the life requirement.

There are two factors in determining the service life of an electric heating tube. One is the external environment and the frequency of use. The key is the ambient temperature. Whether the heat dissipation state of the electric heating tube is good or not, is there any design according to such environment when designing the electric heating tube; It is the inherent quality of the electric heating tube. With different materials, the service life is different.

To improve the life of electric heating pipes can be started from these aspects:

First determining the heated medium to select what type of material the pipe is;

Secondly, the voltage during operation is not lower than 90% of the rated voltage, so that the internal structure of the electric heating tube is not damaged;

Third, proper maintenance and cleaning is also a necessary factor to improve the lifespan of the heater!