Which drying equipment is selected for electric heating pipe production

- Aug 19, 2019-

Since artificial drying is an artificial control of the drying process, which drying equipment is selected for the electric heating tube production? In response to this question, I divided the natural drying and artificial drying according to whether the drying process is controllable. So it is also called forced drying. The process of electrothermal regulation is generally carried out in an oven called heating and drying.

Can be divided into: according to the different drying methods.

It is characterized by the use of gas as a drying medium for convection drying. The surface of the blank is blown at a certain speed to dry the blank.

Its characteristic is that it uses radiation energy of electromagnetic waves such as infrared rays and microwaves to radiate and dry. The dried body is irradiated to be dried.

It is characterized by comprehensive use of two or more drying methods to exert their respective characteristics and joint drying. Complementary advantages can often lead to better drying results.

This is a method of drying a blank under vacuum (negative pressure). The body does not need to be heated and dried in a vacuum. However, it is necessary to use a suction device to generate a certain negative pressure, so the system needs to be sealed and it is difficult to continuously produce.

According to the shape of the dryer, it is divided into a chamber dryer, a tunnel dryer, and the like.

According to whether the drying process is continuously divided into a batch dryer and a continuous dryer. The continuous dryer can be divided into downstream, countercurrent and mixed flow according to the direction of movement of the drying medium and the blank. There are also some drying methods.