Why does the leakage protector trip when using an electric heating tube?

- Apr 13, 2019-

There are several reasons for the leakage of the leakage protector:

1. The cross-sectional area of the power supply line of the electric heating tube is not enough, causing the power line to overheat, causing the leakage protector to malfunction. You can check the power cord or replace the power cord that matches the power of the electric heating tube.

2, leakage protector quality problems, you can replace the leakage protector try

3. When the heating tube is heated, the magnesium oxide powder inside the heating tube may be damp, causing short circuit leakage. You can check the installation environment around the electric heating tube.

4. The wiring method is wrong, causing the surface of the electric heating tube to be too heavy to burn the electric heating tube.

5, the quality of the electric heating pipe itself quality problems, you can try to replace the electric heating tube.