Why stainless steel electric heating tube is popular?

- Apr 24, 2019-

In the previous section, we have introduced the characteristics of stainless steel electric heating tubes. Stainless steel electric heating tubes are the most widely used in many tubular heaters. The most common ones are heating water, air, oil, nitrate solution, acid solution, alkali solution and low solubility. Point metal.


Here are some of the characteristics of the stainless steel electric heating tube that we have summarized:


1. The power is large, its power is higher than that of the general heating pipe, so the long-term use can have a good energy-saving effect for the enterprise.


2. The service life can be very long. If there is no extra large damage, its life span can last for several years.


3. Its thermal effect is fast, it can reach the preset temperature in a short time, it is stable and it is not easy to dissipate heat.


4. In the case of shutdown or long-term use, its power will be in a stable range, and the power will not suddenly increase or decrease.


5. It is relatively easy to install, and the curved tubular electric heating element is welded to the flange type. The electric heating tube is used for heating in a closed, open solution tank and circulation system.