Why the heating element heat slowly

- Apr 27, 2019-

In which cases, the flat electric heating tube of the fryer will heat up for a long time and the heating will slow down.



During the use of industrial electric heating pipes, there are often people who have doubts about the heating time of the heating pipes. Why does the electric heating pipe have a problem of slow heating? Most people think that the electric heating pipes are damaged or the quality of the electric heating pipes is problem. In fact, there are many reasons for the slow heating of the flat electric heating tube of the fryer.


1. In the case of heating water, due to the problem of water quality, the surface of the heating tube is prone to scale, and the large amount of scale will cause the thermal efficiency of the heating tube to decrease. Therefore, in the case of heating water, the electric heating tube is found to be heated after a period of use. Slow should consider the problem of scale first.


2. The length of the heating time is usually proportional to the power of the electric heating tube. The higher the power, the shorter the heating time. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate power before using the electric heating tube.


3. The change of heating environment, whether it is heating liquid or dry burning, the heating temperature should be taken into account when designing the electric heating tube. Since the heating environment cannot be absolutely consistent, the heating time will follow the starting temperature. The change becomes longer or shorter. Therefore, considering the heating time, when designing the electric heating tube, the power should be appropriately increased to ensure the heating efficiency.


4. The external power supply environment also affects the heating efficiency. The electric heating pipes corresponding to the 220V and 380V voltage environments are also different. Insufficient power supply voltage caused by peak electricity or other causes will cause the heating tube to work at low power and the heating efficiency will also decrease.


5. In addition, long-term uninterrupted use will also cause the heating of the electric heating tube to slow down, because the heating principle of most heating tubes is that the internal resistance wire is heated and then transferred, and the resistance of the resistance wire will change under the condition of high temperature for a long time. Large causes the heating to slow down. Therefore, in the case of long-term high temperature, slowness is a normal phenomenon, and a method of regular rest and maintenance can be adopted, which not only ensures heating efficiency but also prolongs service life.