Working environment of heating element

- Mar 21, 2019-

The humidity and temperature of working environment affects a lot on daily run of heating element. Based on our decades of experience, we hereby will analyze the impact of working environment on equipment and precautions.

Firstly, the humidity of heating element’s working environment should be less than 95%. Meanwhile, the operating voltage can’t exceed 1.1 times of the rated voltage. Before running the heating element, the sheath should be effectively grounded to avoid accidents.

Secondly, the grounded connection of heating element should be well protected. Ground resistance which protects the grounded connection should be lower than 4Ω. When the capacity of transformer is lower than 100KV•A, it can be 10Ω. If the earth is corrosive, zinc-plated or brass conductor and tube should be applied.

Thirdly, heating element should be placed stably, which is to say it can’t fluctuate during working process.