How Bolt Heaters Work

- Jan 15, 2019-

The bolt heater is made up of a heating wire in a seamless metal pipe (carbon steel pipe, titanium pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe), and the gap is partially filled with magnesium oxide powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation. Reworked into various shapes required by users. It has simple structure, high thermal efficiency and good mechanical strength. I have good adaptability to harsh environments. Bolted bolt heating rods can be used for various liquids and acid-base salts. The heating is also adapted to the melting of the metal at a low melting point.

The anti-dry bolt bolt heating rod is an electric heating element. The existing bolt-and-bolt heating rod with liquid as the heating medium has a fatal disadvantage. When the dry burning state occurs when it is used under abnormal conditions, the bolt bolt heating rod will Burning or exploding in a short time, causing inconvenience to the user, that is, when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the metal piece inside the dry-burning protector is thermally deformed, which causes the power source to be separated, mainly relying on the conductive impurities in the water to form a loop, how many How much resistance wire is heated in the water, so that it is not afraid of dry burning.