Note On The Use Of Liquid Heating Tubes

- Jul 29, 2019-

The liquid heating tube is divided into boiling water and heating oil. In terms of power setting, the power per meter should not exceed 4KW when boiling water, and the heating oil should not exceed 2.5KW per meter. Other liquids with corrosive acid-base type are mainly The root material is related, and the power setting is similar to that of boiling water.

1, liquid electric heating pipe must first pay attention to prevent dry burning

The liquid heating tube has a large power per unit length when the power is set. Once in the dry state, the temperature of the heating tube rises sharply, causing the internal temperature to be too high, and the heating wire is blown, which affects the service life.

2. Do not squeeze the liquid electric heating tube to prevent it in the dry place.

During transportation and storage, please do not squeeze the electric heating tube to prevent rupture caused by extrusion. If it is energized, short circuit leakage will occur. If such a situation occurs, please turn off the power immediately.

3, pay attention to the installation point

When installing the stainless steel heating tube, be careful that the heat-generating part should be completely immersed in the liquid to prevent the heat-generating part from being exposed to the air to form a dry burning and shorten the service life.

4, pay attention to timely cleaning the surface of the electric heating pipe dirt

For example, when the water is heated for a while, scale will form on the wall of the stainless steel electric heating tube, and it should be cleaned regularly to prevent the scale from being too thick and the internal temperature of the heating tube is too high.

5, on the issue of access to the power supply

Please pay attention to the voltage when the electric heating tube is connected. Do not connect the 220V heating tube to 380V.