The Development Trend Of Ceramic Heaters In China

- Jan 15, 2019-

For the electric heating industry, people want to buy electric heating pipes with the least amount of money, but for a penny, the price can determine the quality of the products. We must not only value the price of the products, but also pay attention to the quality, one The price of the product cannot represent the quality, but the production cost of a good quality product will increase accordingly. The ceramic electric heating tube in the electric heating tube industry is a good example. Many people think that the price of ceramic electric heating tube is relatively high, but People generally only compare prices, but there is no comparison of product quality, performance and production process time and manpower. These are the cost of products, and the quality judgment of electric heating pipes depends on performance, energy saving and life. aspect.

Ceramic heaters are high-temperature, long-life heaters. In modern industry, there is an increasing demand for operating temperatures. Ceramic heaters can be adapted, especially chemical fiber, engineering plastics, plastic machinery, electronics, medicine, food, and A kind of heating element such as pipe heating, the ceramic heater element is a heat-generating component developed by the principle of resistance heating. With the widespread use of electric heaters, electric heater components have been derived from many different shapes and sizes, and components of different materials have been developed by Zhuhai Huiyou Electronics Co., Ltd., one of the new products - ceramic electric heaters. The products include ceramic heating sheets, ceramic electric heating tubes, ceramic heating cores, etc. In general, the ceramics in the impression of the people refer to ceramic vessels, and they never think of ceramics as electric heating elements.

Ceramic electric heating tubes are sold in various electric heating industries at home and abroad, and ceramic electric heating tubes are also widely used in famous industries due to their excellent quality. For some manufacturers who use electric heating wires as electric heating elements, we recommend using ceramic heaters. Replace. Nowadays, many electric heating wires on the market are unscientific, even if they are cheap, but the service life is short. In terms of service life, this is a big advantage. Among the many heating elements, the service life of alumina ceramics is The longest, because the characteristics of its products are not easy to oxidize, it is more advantageous than metal-based heating elements.