The Most Important Part On The Electric Heating Tube

- Jul 29, 2019-

For a good electric heating tube, the most important one is the heating wire. Different electric heating tubes made of different materials of electric heating wire have many differences in their prices. The general electric heating tube has a diameter of ф6 to ф23 mm. A lot of production experience tells us that the scientific structure design is based on the use environment of the electric heating pipe to improve the safety and life of the electric heating pipe.

We all know that the tubes of electric heating pipes are very important. For its heat-resistant seamless stainless steel tubes 304, 316, 310, incoloy 800, etc., the use temperature is greater than 700 °C. The application of the electric heating tube differs depending on the requirements and power of its input power source. The most common is the general: 220V, 380V, more can be customized according to customer needs.

We now require a high service life for electric heating pipes. In fact, this is a reasonable requirement for the internal structure design of the electric heating pipe. Our Shanghai Yuyu Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts imported high-purity magnesia core rod and filling material with high thermal conductivity; a good electric heating tube has good wire performance, and the wire can be used for a long time in 350 environment, adopting direct outlet structure, machinery Good performance;

Some heating wire manufacturers generally design power densities to reduce costs. However, from the practical application of the mica heating plate in recent years, it is a very dangerous behavior to increase the power density of the heating wire. This has caused a large number of safety hazards and returns to the manufacturers, especially for export enterprises. Large losses and bad influences have been reported to cause fires.