What Types Of Heaters Are There?

- Jan 15, 2019-

Flange heater: It is welded by a heating tube on the flange to form a bundled flange heater. This heater mainly heats the stationary medium, such as the water in the water tank, the oil in the oil tank, the air in the oven, etc. Compact structure and easy installation.

Pipeline Fluid Heater: A medium primarily used to flow in a heater pipe. Such as flowing water, oil, air, etc.

Air duct heaters and duct heaters: mainly used to heat the flow of pipes. The size of the pipe heating interface is limited, so the large ports generally use duct heaters and duct heaters.

Heat transfer oil heater: It is a kind of pipeline fluid heater, but it has many peripheral devices, and it is a complex whole consisting of pipeline heater, expansion tank, circulation pump, oil storage tank, valve, pipeline and control system.

Bolt heater: Mainly used for bolt preheating.

Special purpose heater

The above is just a few of the types of heaters. Our company can customize the heaters for special purposes according to customer requirements.