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Electric heater cartridge is a piece of equipment, made of MgO powder or MgO tube, ceramic cap, resistance wire(NiCr2080),High temperature leads, seamless stainless steel sheath(304,321,316,800,840). usually in tube form, that is used in heating applications by way of insertion into metal blocks via a series of drilled holes. Cartridge heaters are manufactured in two basic forms - high density and low density. High density cartridge heaters are used to heat plastic injection moulds, dies, platens and so forth, whereas low density cartridge heaters are more suitable for packing machinery, heat sealing, labelling machines and hot stamping applications.
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Immersion Cartridge Heater with Thermocouple are designed for heating water and other liquids. A single threaded pipe fitting is attached to the end of a cartridge heater to allow for installation into a threaded hole. This mounting option, available with many terminations, can also be offset from the lead end of the sheath. This option is useful when the lead wires need to be kept away from the heated area. There is also a thermocouple come out the heating tube for testing temperature and better control temperature. We can make J type and K type thermocouple for cartridge heaters.

2. Product pictures

heater element (2)

3.Specifications of mini cartridge heater

(1) Voltage:36v



(4)Tube length:80mm


(6)With nut and waterproof ring

(7)Tube material:SUS304


                                          Cartridge Heater Application
Water HeatingWe recommend 10 watts per square centimetre when cartridges are to be immersed in water because the water removes the energy from the element very effectively. Commonly used as a chemical solutions heater.
Oil Heating Commonly used as engine sump heaters. When heating some oils, only 2 watts per square centimetre can be used otherwise the high cartridge heater surface temperature causes the oil to oxidise and carbon to be built-up on the surface of the heater. When this occurs, the carbon can thermally insulate the cartridge heater, causing the unit to heat up internally, often resulting in electrical failure.
Air HeatingElements of approximately 1 watt per square centimetre are suitable for convection air heating, eg. Anti-condensation heaters.
Die HeatingManifolds, hot runners and torpedoes.
Hot melt glue applicators.

5.Product shipment diagram

Cartridge Heater

6. Certifications


7. Delivery&Package

1). Lead time: 7-15 days after payment

2). Delivery Term: DDU, FOB,CIF

3). Shipping Mode:Air, Sea, Express

4). Package: Carton box/wooden case


Detai specializes in manufacturing all kinds of heating element with over 15 years profound experience and advanced technology in this field. Our products are hot selling to all around world due to reasonable price and superb quality.

Detai manufacture cartridge tubular heater engineered to satisfy the full spectrum of cartridge heater applications.

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